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October, 2005

Flight Deck Simulation for the Movie "FLIGHTPLAN"

October, 2001
Boeing Aircraft 747 (Flap Test Bed)

Boeing Aircraft Engineers contracted with Desert Air Spares in October of 2001 to help them create a totally intact 747 wing flap jig.  This test bed will be used for main wing flap assemblies to be tested for any & all conditions.The process of extracting and cutting the entire wing and all assemblies was completed November 6th. Transportation of this ninety foot wing was another challenge facing winter weather , holiday restrictions & California Highway Patrol schedules. However it did arrive at the  Seattle Boeing Facility on January 2, 2002.

April. 2001

ABC Television movie "Everything That Rises" "NTSB" Documentary

In April, 2001 a TV production company in Vancouver Canada contacted Desert Air Spares in search of a very important prop for the up and coming TV special "Everything That Rises".  This movie is a documentary about the "NTSB"  (National Transportation and Safety Board). One of the most sought after answer in commercial aviation is the supposed rudder failure of the 737 type aircraft.  Below is a picture of Jaymie Doyle holding the main PCU for the rudder of the 737 aircraft that will be used as a prop in the movie.

September, 2000

In September of 2000, Associated Aircraft in Dallas Texas contacted the Desert Air office for support and consulting service for a large project that they were about to under take.  The project was to install a forward airstair system on the Boeing/Perdue University 737-200 test aircraft from scratch.  Desert Air along with the Associated Aircraft engineers and technicians extracted the entire airstair system from a retired 737-200 aircraft located in El Mirage California.  The project took six months to complete as the entire Radio and Electronics compartment had to be removed and completely re-engineered to fit the stair section

June, 2000

Japan Airlines

In June, 2000 Japan Airlines, (JAL Trading USA). Contacted the Desert Air office to help them create a Flight Attendant Evac. Simulator for a 737-400 aircraft.  We located a L1 door assy. and door jam section from a earlier model 737-200 which is the same configuration as the 400 series aircraft.  We cut the section from the retired aircraft and fitted the door, jump seat and evacuation equipment for shipment to Tokyo Japan.

January, 2000
Rockwell Collins Project

Rockwell Collins Engineers contacted the DESERT AIR SPARES INTERNATIONAL office in January of 2000 in search of a particular feel and centering unit used on the early model 737 aircraft.  Desert Air has supplied five feel and centering units to Rockwell for on going testing and still is an on going 24/7/365 experiment to this day

October, 99
Boeing Aircraft

In early October, 99 Boeing Aircraft Engineers contacted Desert Air Spares International Inc. in search of a Vertical Stabilizer and Rudder assembly from an early model 737-200 aircraft.

The project:  Rudder trim testing, to evaluate the problems that supposedly exist in that generation of 737 aircraft.

Desert Air Spares located exactly what the Boeing Engineers were looking for to establish a perfect test bed for their project.  Located in the Arizona Desert (Below) Under one of what was once the most modern aircraft ever designed, the Lockheed L1011, we located a fully functional 737-200 Fin, and rudder assembly, last flown on an Aloha Airlines 737-200 aircraft.  John Topping, President of Aero Concepts 3000, Inc. was also present in the below photo.


After transport by truck from the northern Arizona desert, to the Boeing facility in Seattle Washington.  The Vertical Stabilizer was converted into a fully simulated test bed.

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